A hidden gem on the east coast of Bornholm

Ypnasted Harbour

Ypnasted is located between Gudhjem and Svaneke, just north of Bølshavn.

Ypnasted has a small harbour and was previously a fishing village, but it has never been one of the largest on Bornholm.

Today, Ypnasted is primarily a holiday cottage area, where you will find the most beautiful old holiday cottages and cabins. No new houses have been built here since 1950 when the area became preserved.

Harald’s Harbour

A little north of Ypnasted is another harbour, Harald’s harbour.

This port is exceptional because the resistance movement used it during World War II to transport Jewish refugees to safety in Sweden. Because it is so well hidden, it was never discovered by the occupying forces.

How to get to Ypnasted

If you’re driving along the coastline, from Gudhjem towards Svaneke, not far after Randkløve Skår and just before Bølshavn, you will find a dead-end road that leads you to Ypnasted. At the end of the road, you will find a parking area, from where you can walk to both Harald’s Harbour and the small harbour in Ypnasted.

Be aware that much of the area is private, so remember to respect signs etc.

Part of the Coastal Path

The hiking route “The Coastal path”, a 120 km long hike around Bornholm’s coastline, also passes Harald’s Harbour and Ypnasted. It is on the stretch between Gudhjem and Svaneke.



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