Lonely Planet: Dueodde beach is among Europe’s 20 best

What do Bornholm, Italy, Corsica, Portugal and Spain have in common? They are all listed on Lonely Planet's list of Europe's 20 best beaches.

It’s hard to imagine how many beaches there are in Europe. Therefore, it is a great honour that Dueodde is listed as one of Europe’s 20 best beaches. The famous travel book publisher Lonely Planet has published their list of Europe’s 20 best beaches.

Regarding Dueodde beach, Lonely Planet writes:

“Appearing like a remembered dream in the painterly pastel light of sunset, Dueodde reclines at the southernmost tip of the island of Bornholm in Denmark’s Baltic Sea. Backed by expansive dunes and pines, its sand is as white and soft as talcum powder – so fine-grained, in fact, that it was once used in hourglasses. You can walk for miles, finding space and solitude, and wade out to sea forever with water only reaching your knees. By night, the only light comes from the stars and blinking lighthouse.”

Dueodde is Bornholm’s best-known beach, perhaps the most famous beach in all of Denmark. That is partly because the sand at Dueodde is so fine that it was previously used in hourglasses.

Every summer, many people visit the beach to go swimming, as it is a famous beach with enough space for everyone. The beach at Dueodde is also particularly child-friendly, as you have to go far before it gets deep.

For the rest of the year, the beach is also very well visited. In winter, when all the sandbanks are covered in snow, the beach turns into an excursion destination for children and adults who love tobogganing.

Visit Dueodde and its fantastic beach. Summer, winter, spring, autumn – Dueodde beach is always worth a visit.




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