Hiking route: Almindingen Forest, Ekkodalen (Echo Valley) to Rytterknægten

Discover two of Almindingen Forest’s major attractions on this relatively easy hike: Ekkodalen and Rytterknægten.

Gitte Holtze

Hiker and outdoor freak as well as journalist, lecturer and author of "jeg lever" about Gitte's hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and "Gå langt", a guidebook to long hikes.


Max. 1 hour
Almost 2 km (each way)
Difficulty level:
Relatively easy. The terrain is mainly wide forest paths
Suitable for prams and wheelchairs:
At Echo Valley House (Ekkodalshuset) and at Rytterknægten
At the Ekkodalen car park and at Rytterknægten
Access to water:
The public toilets at the car parks
Mainly wide forest paths
Special remarks:
Rytterknægten’s tower is closed for renovation until summer 2023.



Map of the route

Below you can download a pdf with an A4 map of the route.

Route description

From the car park at Ekkodalshuset, walk down into the valley and turn right along the wide gravel road. Follow the path across the valley and up the steep steps into the woods on the opposite side. (If you can carry a pram up here, it is possible to do the walk with a pram.)

Follow the blue markers along mainly wide forest roads until you see the iconic tower on the horizon, marking Bornholm’s highest point, Rytterknægten, 162 metres above sea level.

Kongemindet in Rytterknægten

The tower is called Kongemindet (royal memorial) and was built in memory of King Frederik VII and Countess Danner, who visited in 1851. In 1899, a steel tower was built on top of the stone building so that the view would be intact and not, as was the case, well on its way to disappearing behind the growing forest surrounding Kongemindet. If you climb the steps in the tower and reach the top, you’ll be 184 metres above sea level and have a fantastic view. On a clear day, you can see most of Almindingen Forest, so the climb up the steep steps is definitely worth it.

The old tower is normally open all year round, but is under renovation until summer 2023, and access to the tower is therefore currently closed.

So for now, just enjoy a cup of coffee from the cosy café next to Kongemindet instead.


Places on the route:

On this hike, you get a chance to visit the following places:



Explore Ekkodalen on Bornholm. The beautiful Ekkodal is Bornholm’s largest rift valley.


Echo Valley House (Ekkodalshuset) – Café Genlyd

Echo Valley House’s Cafe Genlyd is the place where time stands still and food is made from scratch. “No frills”, as our grandmother used to say. And that meant good filling fare as opposed to gourmet. See opening hours here



Pass by Rytterknægten in Almindingen Forest on Bornholm – it’s the highest point on the island!

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