Experience five different smokehouses on Bornholm

When the journey goes to Bornholm, many look forward to tasting the smokehouses' good food. But which smokehouse to choose?

Here on Bornholm, you will find several different smokehouses. The food is great regardless of which you choose, but of course, there is a difference between the smokehouses. We have found 5 recommendable smokehouses, where each has something different to offer.

It is possible to enjoy a fish free meal at every smokehouse if there is someone in your party who is not fond of the delicacies of the sea.

Find the 5 smokehouses here


Gudhjem Smokehouse

Do you want to try a smokehouse full of people in a festive mood, with autographs and fun messages from previous guests all over the walls? Then it is worth considering Gudhjem Smokehouse, located in the heart of Gudhjem, where people swarm around in the summer.


Nordbornholms Smokehouse

Do you want to try a smokehouse utilizing the best smoking techniques and have dinner right above the cliffs next to the sea? Then you must visit Nordbornholms Smokehouse in Allinge. Here you can enjoy your dinner while falling in love with nature's best broadcast: The sea crashing against the orange-colored rocks.


Aarsdale Smokehouse & Bistro

Do you want to experience an innovative meal that combines the Bornholm smokehouse techniques with the French bistro? Then you should visit Aarsdale Smokehouse & Bistro, where the lunch is delicacies from the smokehouse's ovens. In the evening, the bistro and smoke master put together a menu consisting of many small dishes with everything from oysters, cold-smoked duck breast to selected products of the season.


Snogebæk Smokehouse

Do you have children who would rather play than wait for mum and dad to finish eating then you should look towards the east coast to Snogebæk Smokehouse. It is located close to the nature playground where the children can swing, balance on objects, or play floor is lava, while you calmly grab another smoked herring from the dish.


Hasle Smokehouse

Do you want to try a smokehouse where you can learn more about the history behind our smokehouses here on the island before enjoying a cold-smoked herring? Then you should visit Hasle Smokehouse, which is neighboring a smokehouse museum. Here you can see how smoking was done in the old days with the large ovens and related tools. It is free to visit the smokehouse museum.

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