Bornholm Craft Weeks

Bornholm Craft Weeks is an event with world-class arts and crafts over 10 days. It takes place on Bornholm from 6. September - 15. September 2024

Maker’s Island’s Bornholm 

Bornholm is known worldwide for its many skilled artisans and craft makers. Bornholm continues to be represented by innovative artisans working in ceramics, glass, textiles, metal, and wood through a proudly held hundred-year-old tradition of craftsmanship.

For this reason, Bornholm has been awarded the title of a World Craft Region, as the first place in Europe and the first island in the world.

The title is among the highest honour of the arts and crafts. The island’s exceptional level of quality arts and crafts can be viewed in local museums, events, and international educational programs. Combined with the talent of numerous local craft makers, Bornholm has truly entered the international stage.

Maker’s Island presents Bornholm Craft Weeks

In the extensive and ambitious event program, Bornholm Craft Weeks shows the diversity and quality of Bornholm’s arts and crafts from September to October. For six weeks, you can attend exhibitions, workshops, master classes, theme events, and much more.

See the full program here and follow Maker’s Island Bornholm on Instagram to keep up on what exciting experiences await you.

Bornholm is only 40 minutes away from Copenhagen

DAT (Danish Air Transport) flies you easily and quickly from Copenhagen to Bornholm – it takes no more than 40 minutes. You can also fly from other airports in Denmark. Many local arts & crafts makers have workshops and galleries outside the main towns. So we recommend renting a car to get around the island easily. Read more about car rental from the airport here

Easy and in-expensive travel by ferry

If you would rather bring your own car, then we recommend you travel by one of Bornholmslinjen’s ferry routes. The fast-ferry from Ystad to Rønne is very affordable and takes just 1½ hours. You can travel by ferry (including car + far persons) from 99 Danish kroners.

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