Here are 5 guidelines for safety on the beach

The beach also has some "traffic regulations" - here are 5 guidelines for safety on the beach

The sea is a powerful natural force that demands respect and common sense. With this knowledge, the Danish TrygFonden and the Danish Swimming Federation have developed 5 bathing guidelines that cover and simplify the various bathing slogans and tips. By following the 5 bathing guidelines, you can enjoy life on the beach without putting yourself in danger.

  • 1. Learn to swim
  • 2. Never bathe alone
  • 3. Learn to read the wind and water conditions
  • 4. Familiarise yourself with the beach
  • 5. Don’t lose sight of children
  • 1. Learn to swim
    When you can swim, you can save yourself and others from drowning. If you can’t swim, but decide to go into the water, you should find a place where you can touch the bottom and where the water conditions are calm.
  • 2. Never bathe alone
    Several people bathing together can keep an eye on one another and act quickly if something goes wrong. This gives greater safety for everyone. Avoid dangerous games in the water and do not shout for help just for fun.
  • 3. Learn to read the wind and water conditions
    Use your eyes and your common sense when bathing. Check the depth of the water and the current, and keep an eye on the direction of the wind. Offshore winds will quickly carry inflatable beach toys, rubber boats and air mattresses out to sea, and there is an increased risk of stinging jellyfish. With onshore winds there is a heightened risk of strongly flowing rip currents.
  • 4. Familiarise yourself with the beach
    A new beach can be full of surprises that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Ask the locals or a lifeguard about any special conditions that you should be aware of before you enter the water. Perhaps high-speed ferries sail close by, causing large waves. Is the beach known for sloping sharply into the sea? Are there jetties or breakwaters that affect the current? Always read the information signs found at the beach.
  • 5. Don’t lose sight of children
    Stay close to children who are bathing so that you can hear each other and you can take action if necessary. Even older children who are good swimmers in a swimming pool can easily end up in trouble in the sea’s currents and waves. Keep a good eye on children and make sure that you do not get distracted.

Read more about Trygfonden’s 5 important bathing guidelines here – and download the PDF-brochure

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