Arnager beach

Arnager beach is situated by the small, friendly fishing hamlet down the hill from the Bornholm Airport.

Arnager – a lovely sandy beach
Arnager offers a lovely, sandy beach that extends from the hamlet’s small island harbour round the bay to Sose Odde. In Arnager, you will find the longest wooden bridge in Northern Europe connecting the village to the island harbour. From the harbour, you can jump into the ocean.

Arnager town
Close to the beach, you’ll find the small town called Arnager. The town has its own smokehouse where you can enjoy a nice lunch, buy an ice cream or something to drink.

Parking and facilities
There is a parking lot at Arnager Harbour, but you can also find additional smaller paring areas between the coast and Søndre Landevej.

You can find restrooms at Arnager harbour.

The longest wooden bridge in the north
By Arnager harbour, you’ll find the longest wooden bridge in the north. It leads you to the small harbour island 200 metres out in the water. The bridge is often used as a motive for beautiful pictures.


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