10 Instagram-worthy reasons that Bornholm is the world’s best island

Bornholm is nominated for the world's best island. But what is it that makes Bornholm so special?

Bornholm has been nominated by Travel and Leisure’s for “World’s Best” in the category “World’s Best Island 2018”. Bornholm is an amazing island, which offers beautiful nature, amazing attractions and delicious gourmet.

This article will give some of the best reasons why Bornholm is the world’s best island, and it will probably make everyone who loves Instagram and photography, want to run out to take new beautiful photos for their profile right away.

10 reasons why Bornholm really is the world's best island



If you are talking about beautiful attractions on Bornholm, you can not get past Hammershus. No matter where on the castle ruins you are, it's almost impossible not to get a good picture from there.


Antoinette Beach

The advantage of living on a small island is that it is always close to the beach. Bornholm beaches are amazing in all weather.


The Art Museum of Bornholm

The Art Museum of Bornholm is situated above the Sanctuary Rocks (Helligdomsklipperne) about six kilometres north-west of Gudhjem – in one of the most stunning and spectacular landscapes in Denmark.


Restaurant Le Port

If you are in to gourmet, then Bornholm is the right place for you. On Bornholm you will find amazing food experiences and beautiful views from the island's restaurants. It's definitely possible to get the perfect perfect picture for Instagram. Visit Restaurant Le Port with yhe beautiful view of the Baltic Sea from their terrace.


ACAB - Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm

Bornholm was honored in 2017 - as the first area in Europe - with the prestigious title "World Craft Region" because of its particularly strong position in the field of handicrafts. Experience the craftsmanship with ACAB - Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm.



Visit Rytterknægten in Almindingen on Bornholm - it's the highest point of the island!


Sanctuary Cliffs

The Helligdomsklipperne (Sanctuary Cliffs) sits along the rocky coast between Tejn and Gudhjem, and are considered to be one of the most important landmarks not only of Bornholm, but in the whole Denmark.


Østerlars Round Church

Bornholm is especially known for its 4 round churches, which are not only beautiful outside, but also inside. Østerlars Church is the largest and oldest of the round churches, but all 4 round churches are worth a visit.



Bornholm has fantastic events all year-round, that people travel from far away to experience. Bornholm has events for everyone, whether you are in to cycling, gourmet, exhibitions, music, etc. There is something for everyone. Every year, Wonderfestiwall hosts a festival that attracts some of the best Danish musicians every year. The festival is held in Slotslyngen on Nordbornholm, which is absolutely outstanding.


Døn Valley - Døndalen

In the middle of the Døndalen (translatable as “The Thunder Valley”) you’ll find Denmark’s highest waterfall – with around 20 metres (or 65 ft).

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