Your guide to winter holiday with kids on Bornholm

The Danish island of Bornholm holds a lot of activities for kids during your winter holiday with your family. We have a lot of ideas and inspiration for things to do with your loved ones.

Check your guide to your perfect winter holiday on the island.

Best winter activities for kids and families on Bornholm

The Danish island of Bornholm might not be the first destination that pops up for your winter holiday with your family – nevertheless the island is a perfect place for you to travel to with your kids. See medieval castle ruins and try to imagine, how kings and soldiers lived here a long time ago.

Visit also one of the four roundchurches, where people in ancient times were seeking shelter for enemies. In one of the curches you can actually go up to the attic and have the same view, that the guards had.

Other things to do on your winter holiday

Have you ever seen a real buffalo (we also call them for bison) close-up? If not, you could go for a walk in the “bison forest” in the large Almindingen forest and look for the herd of around 15 bisons, that have lived here since 2012. But don’t walk to close to them, they might get scared.

And how about a walk along one of Bornholms long and sandy beaches on a cold and windy winter day? Afterwards you can reward yourselves with a cup of hot chocolate and a good board game at your holiday home. You could also visit Lilli’s Glasdesign and make beautiful glass presents in one of their workshops.

See our guide for what you can do on Bornholm this winter.

Travel to Bornholm
Meet a bison on Bornholm
Bornholmertårnet - The Bornholm Tower
Lilleborg - Little Castle
Østerlars round church
Pedestal Rocks on Bornholm
The Echo Valley
Bornholms Museum

Your guide to winter open attractions on Bornholm

Here's a selection of family-friendly attractions that you can visit on Bornholm this winter:

Your guide to family-friendly restaurants on Bornholm

Take your kids with you, when you go out for dinner. In Denmark, kids are a common sight in restaurants and it's quite normal to have them with you. Here's a selection of places where you can enjoy some afternoon coffee and cake - or a tasty family dinner, made of high quality, local-grown Bornholm ingredients:
Bornholm Food
Food & Drinks
Gourmet on Bornholm
Torvehal Bornholm

Here's your guide to where you can go shopping with the kids

Bornholm has a lot of different shops and stores, where you can go shopping with your kids. Here is a slight selection:

Here's your guide to family-friendly accommodation on Bornholm

Try these options, when looking for your accommodation on Bornholm this winter:
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