Oplev bornholmsk kunsthåndværk i træ hos Træsmeden Hans-Henning Pedersen.

“Overall, I think “Mother Nature” is the greatest designer. But, we people  love getting involved. As an excuse, I always try to show the material as much respect as possible.

I always use fresh cut  wood, preferably old flawed trees, they  got much more character than the nice and straight tree. Then I turn it in a lath, mostly in a very simple shape, now it’s getting exciting! – the wood is drying and decides the shape its going to take.

The only thing I can do to interfere, is to make the drying process shorter or longer. As the wood contains much water that now evaporates, there is a lot of stress changes. This can result in fantastic shapes.

It is the thing about selecting the piece of wood, that I expect to react in a certain way, when I process it, that fascinates me. Sometimes with succes!”

Hans-Henning Pedersen was born in 1950  on Bornholm, where he still lives and works in Gudhjem. He has been working as a carpenter, cabinetmaker and woodturner since 1975.

Since 1981 his works have been exhibited at exhibitions in several countries.

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