Vogue – How the Idyllic Danish Island of Bornholm Became a Creative Hotspot

Freeancejournalist Isabelle Kliger besøgte Bornholm i maj 2023. Det er der kommet denne fine omtale ud af i selveste Vogue

Bornholm has many claims to fame. A favorable microclimate ensures the most hours of sunshine in all of Denmark, while the white sand on the beaches is so fine Napoleon himself is said to have had an hourglass made to house it. It is also home to Denmark’s highest waterfall, the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe at Hammershus, and four round churches believed to have been built in the 12th and 13th centuries by the Templar Knights, who some say may even have hidden the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant here.

Nicknamed the sunshine island, this remote landmass is bursting with postcard-perfect fishing villages, white sand beaches, a thriving artistic community, and a restaurant so exceptional that food lovers pilgrimage to it from around the globe. There are mysterious legends worthy of Indiana Jones and a rich ecosystem that makes the island a paradise for foragers



If your guess is Hawaii, the Maldives, or Bali, think again. Because this is Denmark—and, more precisely, the Baltic island of Bornholm.”

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