Hammerhavnens Kiosk

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Hammerhavnens Kiosk is a café built on love and respect for fresh sandwiches and good ingredients, as well as good coffee and home-baked cakes.

In addition, we also offer homemade rye bread toast, salads, toasts, sausages, Bornholm soft ice etc.

Come and visit us in the idyllic Hammer Harbour, which offers both a sandy beach, coastal sailing with Bådfarten, a starting point for walks with good parking opportunities and not the least a fantastic sunset.



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Contact information

Tlf. +45 5648 2257

E-mail hammerhavnskiosken@gmail.com

Web https://www.facebook.com/Hammerhavnens-kiosk-826090627426041/?ref=page_internal


Sænevej 15

3770 Allinge

Find us at the beautiful harbour below the castle ruin (Hammerhavnen)



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(+45) 56 95 95 00