Discover Snogebæk

Snogebæk is one of Bornholm’s real gems. Enjoy the relaxed maritime vibe, explore the harbour town's small, cosy shops and feel the sand between your toes on one of the best sandy beaches on the island.

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Discover Snogebæk: Relaxed atmosphere, white beaches and cosy shopping

The small fishing village of Snogebæk is a favourite destination for both locals and visitors, who are drawn to the harbour town’s atmosphere, many cosy eateries, quirky shops and beautiful Balka beach.

It is also in Snogebæk that Kjærstrup Chokolade began making handmade chocolates and flødeboller (cream puffs) back in 1999 as the first chocolatiers on Bornholm. A chocolate fairytale that has grown into a large and thriving business, and whose concern with sustainability has fuelled a passion to utilise the whole cocoa fruit in their products.

Many people also associate Snogebæk with the local Sørens Værtshus, a cosy venue that hosts live music from May to September.

Explore Snogebæk’s scenic areas

For keen anglers, the coastline south of Snogebæk offers the perfect conditions for coastal fishing. Broens Odde, Bornholm’s south-easternmost point, is known for its reef, which creates excellent conditions for catching sea trout. Here, both experienced and novice anglers can try their luck at catching their dinner while enjoying the fresh sea breeze and the open sea.

A little inland from Snogebæk is the Hundsemyre bog, one of most bird-populated areas on Bornholm. Home to a wide variety of bird species and rich plant life, this protected area is an ideal place for birdwatching, especially during migration periods. Please note, the bog is closed to visitors from 15 March to 15 July to protect the breeding birds.

Discover the magnificent nature at Rispebjerg, where the unique landscape and archaeological finds from the Iron Age provide a fascinating insight into the island’s history. The area is ideal for hiking and offers unique views of Bornholm.

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Balka beach offers everything from sunbathing in the dunes to windsurfing

Snogebæk: Something for everyone

Snogebæk is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a feast for the taste buds. The town is packed with places to eat, ice cream parlours and cafés where you can enjoy everything from freshly caught fish at the local smokehouse to homemade ice cream – best enjoyed while strolling along the beach or on the harbour walkway.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a fancy dinner, you’ll find it in Snogebæk.


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Enjoy a scenic hike: Coastal path – Snogebæk to Boderne

Holidays in Snogebæk – tips for great places to stay

There are many great places to stay in and around Snogebæk. The area offers everything from lovely holiday apartments and hotels close to the beach to cosy holiday homes, B&Bs and a campsite with direct access to Dueodde beach.

Find a list of places to stay here:

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