Visit the Rispebjerg area on Southern Bornholm, where ancient sun temples and a ring castle from the iron age were erected.

Rispebjerg is a unique, archaeological area
At Rispebjerg you do not only find marks from the ancient sun temples, but also a ring castle from the Iron Age. The temples where erected as religious symbols as early as 5000 years ago. You can still find the marks from those temples as well as from palisades leading to the temples.

The ring castle from the Iron Age
2000 years ago a ring castle on the northwestern part of the Rispebjerg area was erected as a refuge area – with high earth walls, which you still can see today.

Rispebjerg in mordern history
The Rispebjerg area in modern history from the 16th century was used as a training and concentration area for the Bornholm militia – in order to protect the island from invaders. From here you had a good view over large parts of the Southern and Eastern Coast of Bornholm.

Download a flyer about Rispebjerg here


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