Fredensborgløbet run

Round off your Whitsun holiday on Bornholm with the friendly Fredensborgløbet run in Rønne.

Fredensborgløbet – in the southern part of Rønne
Whit Monday – 10.00. Join the friendly Fredensborgløbet run which starts from the Hotel Fredensborg and goes around Galløkken Camping in the southern part of Rønne.

Fredensborgløbet – a run for grown-ups and children
Fredensborgløbet is a 5 km run for adults which starts at 10.00 and a 2.5 km run for children which starts at 10.45. The entry fee includes chip timing, sweets for children, drinks + 500 ml bottled water, joint warm-up, prize draws and prizes for the winners in each class.


Viking Atletik

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