Visit the four round churches on Bornholm

Visit the beautiful churches of Bornholm. You will find the four distinctive round churches of Bornholm in Østerlars, Olsker, Nylars and Nyker.

Four of Denmark’s seven medieval round churches are located on Bornholm.

The round churches were build as a combination of a church and a defensive structure and each of them have their own characteristics. Today they serve as national churches with Sunday services, baptisms and weddings.

Round churches with the round nave

The round churches of Bornholm have a round nave and instead of an aisle, the church have a central core, that is either round or octagonal. Meaning that there is no classical aisle in the churches and thereby it forces e.g., the brides to go around the pillar in the middle of the church when walking to the alter.

Experience the four round churches of Bornholm

When you visit Bornholm, you should definitely experience one or more of the islands round churches. Visit Østerlars round church, it is the biggest and most well-known round church. Or Olsker round church which is the tallest and most elegant of the four churches. Don’t miss out on Nylars round church, it is the most well preserved of the round churches. And finally, you should experience Nyker round church, it is the smallest and most likely the youngest of the round churches of Bornholm.

Østerlars round church
Nyker Round Church
Nylars round church
Ols kirke - Olsker round church

Numerous churches on Bornholm

There are many churches on Bornholm, even though the island first became Christian around the year 1060. Today, Bornholm – together with the four round churches – has a total of 22 national churches as well as many parish halls and denominations. Most Bornholm churches are open for visits during the day, some of them charges a small fee.

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