Nyker Round Church

Nyker Round Church is the smallest of the four round churches on Bornholm.

The youngest of the four Bornholm round churches

Historians believe that the Nyker Round Church was built in the early 13th century at about the time the fear of the Wends, who used to ravage the island, decreased. Unlike the other churches, Nyker Round Church does not show many signs of having been used for defensive purposes.

Beautiful murals on the column

The strong column in the middle of the church is richly decorated with murals from several periods. It was not until the 17th century that the conical roof was added. The church underwent extensive renovation in 1960. During the Catholic period the church was dedicated to All Saints.

Visit Nyker Round Church

Nyker Round Church is open to visitors when there is no divine service.


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Web www.ny-kirke.dk

Ellebyvej 1A, Nyker

3700 Rønne

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