Nylars kirke - Nylars round church

Nylars Round Church is definitely worth a visit.

The best preserved round church

The Nylars Round Church bears witness to its past use for defensive purposes to a greater degree than its fellows and is also regarded as the best preserved. Nylars Round Church is considered erected in 1160 and the murals around the centre column tell the story of the creation of Adam and Eva, the Fall and their banishment from the Garden of Eden.

Dedicated to Sct. Nicolaus of Myra

Nylars Round Church is dedicated to Sct. Nicolaus of Myra – the guardian angel of the seafarer and in the church you will find two of Bornholm’s 40 runic stones.

Free admission to Nylars Round Church

Admission to the Nylars Round Church is free. The church is closed for divine service. There are public toilets (not for the disabled) and plenty of parking.


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Kirkevej 10K

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