Ols kirke - Olsker round church

At 28 metres, Olsker Round Church is the tallest of the round churches on Bornholm and the most elegant seen from the outside.

Olsker Round Church was built around 1150

Olsker Round Church was built around 1150, but has been rebuilt and reinforced several times, most recently in the mid-20th century, when the altarpiece was among the things replaced.

Olsker Round Church had originally a flat roof

If you climb the steep stairs, you’ll soon understand why it was impossible for invading enemies to capture the church in Olsker. There are nine foxholes and the top of the wall clearly formed part of the parapet that surrounded the original flat roof of the church.

The round church in Olsker has about 25,000 visitors

The round church in Olsker receives about 25,000 visitors every year. The church is open to visitors when there is no divine service and you can obtain more information from the staff in the church porch. There are public toilets and limited parking.


Useful information

Opening season

Hele året

1st December 2021 - 1st March 2022

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Special opening days

Special closing days


Per person

10 DKK,-





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