The mischievous Krølle-Bølle

There are lots of trolls on Bornholm, but the most famous goes by the name of Krølle-Bølle.

Why is he called Krølle-Bølle?
The national troll of Bornholm, Krølle-Bølle, is small and cute. Krølle-Bølle has got his name because he has curly hair and a curl in his tail (Krølle is Danish for curl) – and he is also a right “Bølle” (thug). He has two horns in his head, just like the other small trolls you will see on Bornholm.

Where does Krølle-Bølle live?
People say Krølle-Bølle was born on the 76 m high Langebjerg in Sandvig, where he still lives with his family. Every night at midnight, Langebjerg opens up and all the trolls come out. Krølle-Bølle has many exciting adventures at night on Bornholm.

Who is Krølle-Bølles family?
Krølle Bølle’s family consists of 4 naughty trolls – Krølle-Bølle, his dad Bobbarækus, his mum Bobbasina and his sister Krølle-Borra. And should you wish to meet Krølle-Bølle and his family just go to Langebjerg at night-time…

Who created Krølle-Bølle?
The naughty troll Krølle-Bølle made his way into picture books in 1946, and has since had a successful career as a motif used on ice creams, snack bars and jigsaw puzzles. Krølle-Bølle was created by Ludvig Mahler, and his son Ole Mahler has since published the book in German as well.

Does Krølle Bølle live underground?
Maybe Krølle-Bølle lives underground…. If at night you meet small people the same size as an 8-10 year old child wearing woollen clothes and red hats, then you have come across the underground people! You will find them near burial mounds, where they live. You might catch them in the middle of baking, washing their clothes, dancing or partying…

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