Bornholms Ismejeri

The Bornholm Dairy and Café produces ice cream in Svaneke from jersey-milk from some specific farms. Here you can taste original, delicious and freshly made ice cream made from local raw materials.

Ice cream variations

Our ice cream counter is always full of freshly made ice cream. You can choose between ice cream made of milk from the farms Skovvang and Trommeregård, or sherbet ice made of berries and fruits. Of course we use fruits and berries from local producers when the season and supply gives the possibility. But we also make more exotic variations with all kinds of fruits, berries and spices.

Homemade waffles

We ourselves bake the waffles from a secret recipe with bornholm wheat flour and bornholm.rapeseed oil. Our waffles do not contain lactose.


Enjoy a fantastic cocktail with ice cream in the back garden.

Coffee, tea and cake

We offer a large variation of barista-coffee, ordinary coffee, black, white and green tea, chai, hot chocolate with whipped cream. And of course the cake of the day, very often glutenfree.

Slow beer

Our barrel is filled with the lovely drops from Svaneke Brewery. The selection varies so please ask for the selection of the day.

Jerseymilk for the ice cream

When you have an ambition of making the best ice cream in the world, you have to make great demands to the raw materials you use. We get the milk for our bornholm jersey ice cream on two specifically chosen farms. The one, Skovvang, is situated right outside Svaneke. At Skovvang Hans Verner has 150 jersey-cows, grazing in the area around the farm when the temperature is warm enough. It is a pleasure to help letting the cows on grass on the first warm spring day. They might seem careful at first, but then they jump around from pleasure over the fresh air and the juicy grass.

The other farm is Trommeregård, situated outside Klemensker. At Trommeregård Ulla and Henrik have approx. 170 jersey-cows. The jersey-milk is both fatter and has more protein than milk from other breeds. The jersey-cow is often brown and a little smaller than both the black and white cow and the red danish cow, and it is very curious. They will for certain approach you and hope for a tidbit if you visit a farm with jersey-cattle. Furthermore it is in Klemensker that the bornholm dairy, Bornholms Andelsmejeri is situated. Bornholms Andelsmejeri is well known for the danablu-cheese, which is exported around the world.



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Tlf. +45 53863740



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3740 Svaneke

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