Femina on Bornholm: A rocky island with gourmet trends

The magazine Femina visited Bornholm and it certainly didn't go unnoticed, that gourmet has a special place in the hearts of the cooks from Bornholm.

Among other things, Femina visited some of Bornholm’s restaurants and chef’s, each of them very interested in local products from Bornholm.

In addition to a beautifully decorated gourmet experience at Restaurant Nordlandet, that has one of the best views on the island, there was also time to try out local products. Femina’s journalist had the opportunity to cook, using different Bornholm specialties, as she visited the Food Culture House at Melstedgaard. Here she and others made sirloin and herbs, mixed with a truffle pasta from Pastariget.

Femina’s journalist was also out with a local nature guide, hiking for onions and other herbs, in the beautiful nature. The journalist also had to find her inner rock climber, as she was climbing with Bornholm’s Outdoor Center in 25 meter height, overlooking the Baltic sea.

The visit turned into a lovely 3-page article, that was published in Femina in June 2017. If you didn’t get to read it, you can read some of the article online. You can find the article further down on this page.

These places are mentioned in the article

Femina's tips for summer days on Bornholm


Restaurant Nordlandet

One of the best views on the Island.


Madkulturhuset Gaarden

Denmark's first regional Food Culture House.


B's Fiskeværksted

Fish’n’chips at B’s Fiskeværksted in Svaneke Havn.


Lov i Listed

Plates and service at Restaurant Nordlandet and Kadeau are from Lov in Listed.


Svaneke Chokoladeri

Passion for chocolate.



Here is the delicious truffle pasta, as described in the article

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The Danish magazine visits Bornholm

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