Bicycle route – Allinge-Gudhjem-Svaneke

Experience a bicycle ride with a view of the beautiful landscapes of Bornholm. This route goes from Allinge to Gudhjem and Svaneke.

The coast of Bornholm with its own special beauty

The northeast coast from Allinge to Svaneke is among the most typical on Bornholm and has its own special beauty. Ancient monuments, a magnificent rocky coast, dark, cool fault valleys cut into the coast and Randkløveskår Ravine, which is 12 metres deep.

Museums on a large scale

In Rø at the Helligdomsklipperne you will get to the Art Museum of Bornholm. In Gudhjem you have to visit the Oluf Høst Museum, which is housed in the artist’s former home in Gudhjem, the Gudhjem Museum in the former railway station “above” the town, and the Melstedgård Agricultural Museum.

Three old Bornholm villages

On your ride you will experience the three villages of Allinge, Gudhjem and Svaneke, which grew up around natural, rocky harbours. Just a 30-kilometre ride along the east coast, but packed with enough to keep you busy for several days.

Sights along the cycle route


Art Museum of Bornholm.

Visit the beautiful Art Museum of Bornholm.


Oluf Høst Museum in Gudhjem.

Welcome to the Oluf Høst Museum in Gudhjem.


Gudhjem Museum

Visit Gudhjem Museum


Listed Havn

Visit Listed Harbour


Svaneke church

Experience the very beautiful pink-chalked church of Svanekes.


Svaneke Watertower

When you enter the city of Svaneke from the North, you'll see the modern three-legged watertower on the right side.

Download our bike guide here

“Cycling Holiday on Bornholm” Is our guide to bicycle holiday guests on Bornholm, with tour suggestions and maps. You can order the bike guide in our webshop, download it free of charge in Bornholm Tourist Information or download it here.


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