Christmas on Bornholm

Enjoy a cosy and quiet Christmas and New Year's Holiday on Bornholm - time for relaxation, walks, a lot of fresh air and Christmas atmosphere

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Get in the right Christmas mood on Bornholm

When December approaches, there is this special and unique atmosphere in the air. On Bornholm you can get really Christmassy, regardless of how sceptical towards all this Christmas stuff you may be else.

You can experience the special Christmas atmosphere on the island. Go for a long walk in the beautiful nature and relax in a way that you only can have on Bornholm.

If you aren’t planning to travel to Bornholm this year, you could also order all the delicious things for your Christmas dinner table online. You’ll also get some suggestions for Bornholm Christmas presents.

Christmas Eve at a Bornholm Hotel

If you don’t want to prepare all the Christmas dinner etc. by your self, you could also just sit down at a wonderful laid table and enjoy all the delicious food without having to lift a single finger. Book a Christmas Vacation at Griffen Spa Hotel in rønne, Celebrate Christmas with a delicious 3-course-dinner, admission to the Diamond Spa, room with Seaview and much more. Read more about the Griffen Spa Hotel here.

Come to Bornholm Christmas Market at the harbour in Nexø

This year you can get really Christmassy, when you visit the town of Nexø and especially the city centre and the harbour area. Bornholms Julemarked (Bornholm Christmas Market) is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between November 18th to December 22th, 2022.

Travel to Bornholm
Here is how you can travel to Bornholm

Bornholm treats for your Christmas Dinner table

Every Christmas Dinner table should also be able to offer some delicacies from Bornholm. The choice is large, there is everything from Bornholm sparkling water and cider from Bornholms Mosteri to the mustard from BornholmerSennep for your salt-fried fish and ecological cookies from Bager Johannes Dam in Aakirkeby. And the meat balls, "frikadeller" in Danish, can be fried in rape seed oil from Lehnsgaard. Here are some delicacies that can be obtained online from different webshops.

Svaneke Chokoladeri

Buy tasty Bornholm chocolate for your Christmas Dinner table.

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Hasle smokehouse

No Christmas lunch (julefrokost) without herring or salmon. Here you can buy smoked fish and a lot of other delicacies.

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Hand made Bornholm caramels. It’s an obvious gift to someone you like.

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Karamel Kompagniet

Unresistable caramels from Bornholm. Many different tastes.

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Christmas isn’t Christmas without chocolate. Kjærstrup guarantees you a good Christmas.

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Nordbornholms Røgeri

You cannot get too much fish for Christmas. Order the fish on Bornholm

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Bornholm Christmas Present Ideas

You could give Bornholm Craft or tasty foods from Bornholm to your beloved ones - or to yourself. Read more about deadlines for ordering Bornholm high-quality Christmas presents, the can make you or someone you love happy.

Mie Mølgaard Ceramics

Get the popular Bornholm ceramics here. And with that you are secured a perfect Christmas.

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Hjorth's Fabrik Ceramics

160 year old ceramics factory. Find your perfect Christmas present that you can enjoy for a long time.

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Lilli's Glasdesign Glas

Happy Bornholm Glass Art – find Christmas presents from the large variety of products.

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Bente Hammer

Hand printed textiles, created with inspiration from the Bornholm nature.

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Pernille Bülow

Creative Bornholm Craft. Find the perfect Christmas present here.

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Sebastian Frost

Watches, jewelry and ballpens – Sebastian Frost has everything in his collection.

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Knapstad jewelry

Beautiful hand made jewelry from Gudhjem. Also possible to get custom made jewelry.

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Baltic Sea Glass

Baltic Sea Glass has beautiful hand mad products, which may be a special Christmas present to one you really like.

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Bornholmerdynen produces really great and comfy duvets and cussions filled with pure wool for both children and adults.

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Broe & Co.

Wonderful hand made leather bags and other things – a unique Christmas present for you or someone else you like.

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The first and only ecologic modelling clay in Europe. Get the best fpor your children.

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A Danish crime story as a Christmas present – and signed by the Bornholm Author itself.

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