Hotel Siemsens Gaard

The history of Svaneke inevitably goes through Siemsens Gaard, which for centuries was one of the city's most active and prominent merchant houses. The hotel has also a good restaurant with sea view - and we have offers for getaway holidays.

It started back in the 1600s, where the merchant and mayor, Poul Madsen Koefoed, started a business with iron, tar, hemp, grain, tobacco and brandy in the city of Svaneke. All together easily tradable goods, and at one point, he was considered to be the island’s richest man.

King Christian V. visited the Merchant’s house
Since Poul Madsen Koefoeds first wife died, and there had been “year and day”, he rode to Hammershus and drank Fæstensøl with Commandant Løvenhjelms sisters’ daughter, the 17-year-old Magdalene Hesler. When Poul Madsen Koefoed died 17 years later in 1686, he left himself an immensely rich widow, and then she married vice High Court judge, Ancher Anthoni Müller. While they owned the merchant house, they had the prestigious visited by the Danish King Christian V, who was accompanied by an order of ten high gentlemen, the King’s half brother Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve and admiral Niels Juul.

The farm is named after private tutor Johan Pingel Siemsen, who worked for the family Holst who at the time owned the merchant house. After the death of Jeppe Holst, his widow married Johan Pingel Siemens in 1827 and then he became the master of the merchant house.

When Johan Pingel Siemsen died in 1863, the merchant house was taken over by the brothers Hans (dead 1868) and Mogens Smidt (dead 1906). After both their deaths, Mogens Smidt’s son, Christian M. Smidt, inherited the merchant house.

The Merchant’s house became a Hotel in the 1930s
The golden years for merchant houses was at this time by ebb, therefore began Mrs Smidt, in the early 1930s, a hotel business at the old merchant house.

The wing against harbor was removed, so there became a beautiful view over the harbor and the Baltic Sea. Something the tourists appreciated. The hotel was continued by her son Erik Smidt until 1971, where Hans Ipsen bought the merchant house.

It was not only in old time, the merchant house where visited by Royals. In 2005 the Danish Queen Margrethe II, made Siemsens Gaard a visit, in connection with the 450 year anniversary of Svaneke being a borough.

The Crown Pincess’ Garden was established in 2006
In 2006, the beautiful rose garden, with the name “Kronprinsessehaven” where established. The garden is a diverse and perceptual experience of herbs, perennials, as well as one of Denmark’s largest collections of English roses.

Today the hotel is driven by Jens Ipsen, who welcome to an evocative and professional hotel environment for both the individual travelers as a conference contestant.

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At the picturesque Hotel Siemsens Gaard we have different room types and we also offer short break stays. And we have some rooms, where dogs are allowed.




  • Havnebryggen 9
  • 3740 Svaneke


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