Ceramics and ceramic artists on Bornholm

Looking for a unique ceramic mug, plate or other ceramic item? Bornholm has a long tradition of high-quality ceramics. Visit the local potters and buy authentic Bornholm ceramic art.

Bornholm ceramics

Through the work of traditional names like Søholm Keramik, Michael Andersen Keramik and Hjorth’s Keramik, Bornholm has truly distinguished itself in Danish ceramics and handicrafts.

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Like Japanese ceramics, Bornholm ceramics have been known for their high quality as far back as the early 1800s, when the first ceramic and terracotta factories were established on the island. You can still find ceramics from Bornholm in many Danish homes.

Today, solid Bornholm ceramics are combined with modern design and new manufacturing methods. This can be seen at Den Danske Keramikfabrik (the Danish Ceramics Factory) in Nexø and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (Glass and Ceramics School), as well as in the workshops of the many talented potters on the island. Some ceramic artists even offer courses where you can make your own pieces.

New Danish design and ceramic artworks

If you like classic Danish ceramics, you can choose from traditional Bornholm mugs, plates, teapots and other crockery from the 160-year-old Hjorth’s Fabrik in Rønne.

If you appreciate more modern design, visit Oh Oak in Nexø. They have produced tableware for Michelin-starred restaurants KOKS in the Faroe Islands and RÅ in Copenhagen, as well as for several restaurants on Bornholm.

The new Bornholmerur Wall Clock from Mie Mølgaard Ceramics in Rønne is a classic with a modern twist.

Visit potters during Bornholms Kunstrunde art tour

Each year on the Ascension Day holiday, you can take part in Bornholms Kunstrunde, an event where galleries and artists open their doors to the public. Visit the Bornholm makers in their studios and workshops for an insight into the local art world.

Where to buy Bornholm ceramics

Visit the many Bornholm ceramic studios and galleries and find unique pieces to take home with you.

→ Find Bornholm potters here

Bornholm classics and new design

Unique Danish and Bornholm ceramics can be purchased from these three makers:


Classic Bornholm ceramics

At Hjorths Fabrik, you can buy plates, mugs, jugs and entire crockery sets made in the classic Bornholm ceramic tradition.


The new Bornholmerur Wall Clock

from Mie Mølgaard Ceramics is a classic with a modern twist.


Plates for Michelin-starred restaurants

Oh Oak in Nexø has produced dinnerware for Michelin-starred restaurants KOKS and RÅ.

Visit Bornholm Craft Weeks

Come to Bornholm Craft Weeks in September 2024 and experience craftsmanship at its finest.

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