Facts about Bornholm’s Seatrout

Bornholm’s Self-reproducing Seatrout Stocks

Bornholm boasts a total of 27 rivers that provide the local seatrout population with incredible spawning habitat. The seatrout stocks in the ocean surrounding Bornholm consist of wild, locally hatched, and self-reproducing fish that carry the indigenous seatrout genetics unique to the area. It’s a solid and durable seatrout stock that is perfectly adapted to the unique climate around Bornholm and one that thrives. Much of the explanation owes itself to large-scale organized volunteer work focused on the preservation and protection of spawning habitat – and it is further amplified by proactive fishing regulations and management principles.

The volunteers help ensure that there is free passage to the spawning grounds in the rivers, and they have also been involved in complex restauration projects. Put different, they help ensure that all the local seatrout have optimal chances of spawning successfully in the Bornholm rivers, and that the resulting fry stand the best chances of surviving.

Contrary to many other places in Denmark, there is actually no need for stocking seatrout in Bornholm’s waters. In addition to the local seatrout stocks, lots of fish migrate from all over the Baltic Region to Bornholm because of the relatively high water temperatures and the low salinity levels. It’s a combination that allows the seatrout to hunt and digest food in a far more energy-efficient manner than elsewhere in the country; especially during the winter months. Every year, several fish over five kilos are landed along Bornholm’s coastal shores and, over the years, a great deal of fish in excess of eight kilos have been landed.

Film: Seatrout Fishing on Bornholm

”Seatrout fishing: Bornholm” is a film by Gordon P. Henriksen and Niels Vestergaard. The purpose of the film is to better equip visiting fishermen for a successful trip to Bornholm and, as a result, the film is in English. (There is also a dubbed German version).

Among other things, the film delves lots of the basics regarding fishing spots, weather conditions, the season, the equipment, lures, flies, clothing etc. It displays what is so unique about Bornholm: The beautiful scenery, the varied fishing spots, the wild self-reproducing seatrout stocks, and the great atmosphere. The importance of all the volunteer work that is done in order to secure healthy rivers and fish stocks and the significance of catch & release principles and sustainable fishing regulations is also touched upon, and there are plenty of great tricks for increasing your catch rates and tips on how to achieve the ultimate Bornholm fishing experience.

The film introduces all the current fishing rules and regulations – both written and unwritten. Furthermore, it provides you with key advice and information on how to plan your stay. If you find yourself the least bit in doubt about; where to fish, what equipment to bring, and what kind of flies and lures are best equipped to tackle the conditions you might encounter, this is a must-watch. Here, you’ll find plenty of useful tips that will help you optimize your chances of hooking up with a silvery trophy during your stay on Bornholm.

Gordon, who is clearly in love with Bornholm, is the host of the film, and it features lots of beautiful catches and scenes perfectly captured by Niels Vestergaard from both underwater and aerial perspectives.

See the film here:



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