Dairy products from Bornholm

Bornholm has its own dairy in Klemensker - as well as a small goat farm close to Østerlars

Award-winning dairy

The dairy on Bornholm is one of the food companies on the island that has helped put Bornholm food of high quality in the spotlight, with its many awards for its Danablu cheese. The milk for the famous Danablu comes from the cows of Bornholm, which graze all summer long. The salty sea air also contributes to the taste of the milk, which the quality cheese is produced from.

An independent dairy

Bornholm’s Andels dairy is an independent dairy owned by Bornholm dairy farmers. The dairy was founded in 1950 and has been the island’s only dairy since 1970. Approx. 44 dairy suppliers produce milk daily, which is made into pasteurised milk, butter, sour products and cheese. The milk and sour products are sold at the local Bornholm market, while the dairy’s cheese is sold both locally and internationally.

Bornholm dairy – a world champion!

As the only cheese manufacturer, the diary in Klemensker has managed to win the title of ”World Cheese Champion” in Wisconsin thrice, in 1980, 1988 and 2014. No other cheese maker in the world has won this award thrice. Another award won by the dairy was at the National diary exhibition in 2011, where it received an honorary award and gold medal for its 60+ Danablu cheese.

Goat cheese from Lykkelund Gedemejeri

A rather new diary which has come up, is the small Lykkelund Gedemejeri close to Østerlars. Lene Schrøder and Lene Mortensen have 48 nanny goats, which produce abot 25.000 litres of milk a year. Out of this Lene and Lene produce different goat cheese, which can be bought in the farm shop.


Bornholms Andelsmejeri

You can buy their products in all supermarkets on Bornholm


Lykkelund Gedemejeri

Buy different kinds of goat cheese in the farm shop outside of Østerlars

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