Bicycle route – The Bornholm Gourmet Route

Enjoy delicious gourmet on Bornholm from your bicycle saddle. Try our Gourmet Route and discover Gudhjem-Østermarie-Svaneke on Bornholm.

Experience the taste of Bornholm and visit a lot of Bornholm food producers along the route. The tour from Gudhjem via Østermarie to Svaneke is about 23,5 km long and you are going to burn about 1576 calories.

A tasty bicycle ride between Gudhjem-Østermarie-Svaneke on Bornholm

There are many ways to experience the cycle paradise Bornholm, but from a bicycle saddle the view is perfect! Try our gourmet route and experience the beautiful towns of Gudhjem, Østermarie and Svaneke.

Explore the Bornholm larder

The small size of Bornholm makes it easy to explore the delicious Bornholm larder. Explore the 235 km of varied routes and visit the many food producers, who all make delicacies of high quality. A suggestion for an exciting ride on Bornholm could be our gourmet route between Gudhjem-Østermarie-Svaneke.

The Bornholm Gourmet Route is about 23,5 km

If you choose to visit all the producers of the Bornholm Gourmet Route the cycle track is around 23,5 km in total, but of course you can choose only to visit a few of them – you and your stomach decide! You will also find distances between each producer and not uninteresting – even the number of consumed calories. There is something for both your sense of taste and sight, and even your fitness.

Bon appétit and have a good trip!

NB! Be aware that the street Brøddegade in Gudhjem is very steep towards the harbor, and therefore it is forbidden to ride a bike – down. But just try upwards!

Bornholm Food producers along the route

While you are on this ride - you can visit the following Bornholm food producers


Karamel Kompagniet

Visit the Karamel Kompagniet in Gudhjem


Bech Chokolade Gudhjem

BECH Chokolade is situated at the harbour of Gudhjem


Gudhjem Røgeri

At the Smokehouse of Gudhjem you can enjoy a real "Sun over Gudhjem"


Hallegård Gårdbutik

Hallegaard Farm Shop offers a lot of tasty meat products


Den Gamle Skole Honningspecialiteter

The Old School offers a lot og delicious honey products


Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant

Restaurant Svaneke Bryghus (Brewery) has a lot of tasty meals on the menu


Svaneke Chokoladeri

If you a passionate chocolate lover - you have to visit this little shop at the market of Svaneke


Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Licorice by Johan Bülow in Svaneke - you just have to taste it


Bornholms Ismejeri

Traditional ice-cream with a note of nostalgia at Bornholms Ismejeri



Caramel candys from the Karamelleriet at the harbour of Svaneke - always a great present for somebody


Røgeriet i Svaneke

Try a smoked herring at the Smokehouse in Svaneke.

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