Etape Bornholm

Try Etape Bornholm, which is a marathon spread over 5 days in the beautiful nature of Bornholm.

Etape Bornholm 2017 - a classic marathon
Attend the classic marathon Etape Bornholm of 42.195 km spread over five days and experience the beautiful nature of Bornholm. Etape Bornholm takes place on Bornholm in the days from July 24 to 28, 2017.

Fantastic and challenging for all
The five stages of Etape Bornholm are planned in order to show the different nature of Bornholm. Here, you will see the rocks, the sand, the hills, the woods, the sea, the wild fluctuations of Hammeren, the long tough hills in Almindingen and two rapid routes in Hasle and Rønne. And Etape Bornholm Marathon is for both recreational runners and elite!

The stages of Etape Bornholm
The first stage at Etape Bornholm is a flat 10 km starting in Hasle by the smokehouse. The second stage is 5,8 km at the Dueodde beach. The third stage is 7,8 km in the beautiful woods Almindingen. The fourth stage is 8,6 km in a hilly country by Hammeren and the fifth and final stage is a 10 km fast route in Rønne. The final stage ends at the stadium in the northern part of Rønne.

Etape Bornholm 2017
Plan your next holiday to Bornholm in 2017 and join Etape Bornholm.

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Contact information:

Viking Atletik
Torneværksvej 1F
3700 Rønne

tlf: +45 2371 3535