Vogue: Stylist Pernille Teisbaek’s Wedding on Bornholm

The American fashion and lifestyle magazine "Vogue" has really discovered Bornholm. The Danish stylist and style icon Pernille Teisbæk married fashion shop owner Philip Lotko on Bornholm in August 2017 and it has not gone unnoticed for the magazine.

It goes by the name ‘the sunshine island’ as there are more sunny days there than anywhere else in Denmark”

In the article, the journalist Alexandra Macon reports about how Philip proposed to Pernille and how they agreed that the wedding would be held on Bornholm. It was going to be a “small wedding”, according to Pernille.

The wedding party began in a courtyard decorated with candles, light chains and bouquets of white flowers and all guests wore white clothes. The party was extensively documented, via pictures that were posted on Pernille’s instagram profile. The Instagram profile was also tagged with the location, which was at Grønbechs Hotel in Allinge.

The Vogue article tells about the wedding ceremony in a small church on a hill – which turns out to be one of Bornholm’s oldest churches, Sct. Ibs Church between Nexø and Svaneke, beautifully situated on a hill on the Bornholm countryside.

The wedding party was then held at Hotel Nordlandet in Sandvig – with a nice view of the Baltic Sea. While the guests enjoyed themselves outside in the afternoon in a slightly more relaxed setting, the wedding dinner was held in the evening in the restaurant itself.

Looking at the wedding pictures at Instagram, you can see that some famous people participated in the festive day. One day in the sign of love, which once again had Vogue reporting from Bornholm. Big congratulations to the beautiful couple.

These three places are mentioned in the article


Grønbechs Hotel

The wedding party started in the hotel's cozy inner courtyard


Sct. Ibs Kirke

"The little church on a hill" is one of Bornholm's oldest churches



Here the wedding party and the wedding dinner were held

Read about Pernille Teisbæk and Philip Lotko's wedding in Vogue

The American Lifestyle Magazine Vogue tells about the Danish stylist Pernille Teisbæk’s wedding in Bornholm.

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