Grønbechs Hotel

Grønbechs Hotel makes you feel that you are welcome and the atmosphere is more like being at a good friend's place than at Denmarks first political hotel. Restaurant Vilhelm is located in the same building.

The reception desk is an oval desk made of walnut tree and on the walls, you’ll find a mixture of Roald Als’ political satire and the hotel owners private art collection.

The hotel is named after one of Denmarks large philosophists and Bornholmian Vilhelm Grønbech – and together with Restaurant Vilhelm the hotel is situated just on the spot above the harbour.

Since 1901 there has been a guesthouse on the location, and was renovated in 2015. There are 23 rooms from which you can follow the daily life in Allinge – and distances are short to some of the most important sights of Bornholm.

Grønbechs Hotel is a very central location every summer during the People’s Meeting (Følkemødet), where many politicians, opinion makers and local viewers stay.

If you are interested, you can visit the hotel’s kitchen and learn how to bake the special sourdough bread – or you could learn other hints and tricks, that you use at a restaurant.

Every thursday we have “langbordsmiddag”, a dinner, at which all guests are seated at one long table. Remember to book in advance, because the langbordsmiddag is very popular.

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Vinkelstræde 2

3770 Allinge

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