The Chocolate Island

When the Kjærstrup family started their production of handmade chocolate back in 1999, they also started a Bornholm chocolate revolution

Edited with text by Tommi Falk Petersen

The joy of chocolate started in Snogebæk

Today, 21 years later, delicious handmade chocolate has become everyone’s property. Several Bornholm chocolate workshops have marked their chocolate on the danish map. They are already known and recognized for their skilled craftsmanship. Do yourself a favor and go visit these chocolate shops on Bornholm.



You can't say chocolate without mentioning Kjærstrup. Since the beginning of 21 years ago, the Kjærstrup family has been providing high-class chocolate experiences. Especially the Danish delicacy (flødebolle) and their filled chocolates are popular.


Pure Rain Forest Chocolate

Close to Pedersker you can meet the couple behind Pure Rainforest Chocolate, who is passionate about good chocolate. So much that they spend a part of the year in their own cocoa plantation in Fiji. The cocoa beans and vanilla are processed in Bornholm and turned into delicious dark chocolate in many varieties.


Bech chokolade

At Gudhjem harbor you will find Bech Chokolade, which in the beginning was not supposed to be a chocolate workshop at all. The famous Bornholm gingerbread was meant to be produced by the original recipe and coated with delicious homemade chocolate. The art of chocolate was so fun and exciting that it became the focal point instead.


Svaneke Chokoladeri

At Svaneke Torv you will find Svaneke Chokoladeri, where the workshop and shop merge into one. The chocolate has been made here since 2014, by the partner's Daniel and Janne, who to the delight of chocolate-lovers, show off their craftmanship in the open production behind the windows.

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