“Party Hard – Fish Hard” – this is how Session Bornholm 2019 went

Every year in March, in week 10, anglers from Denmark and other countries meet on Bornholm to participate in the fishing event "Session Bornholm". The German magazine "Scale" was there in 2019.

The sea trout is the center of the annual angling event “Session Bornholm”, which is organized by Gordon P. Henriksen and Frederik Lorentzen in collaboration with the Danish Sports Fishing Association and Destination Bornholm. But equally as important is the social aspect during the four-day event. 70 participated in 2019. The German angler magazine “Scale” has written an article about Session Bornholm 2019, which can be read in German and in English. (Cover image: Stefan Alt, Scale Magazine)

The participants in Session Bornholm 2019 were here

During the angling event, the participants fished, at these places and beaches among others


Sose beach

A good beach for angling



Boderne beach is also a great place for fishing for sea trout


Snogebæk Harbor

The participants met up with each other at Snogebæk harbor


Svaneke Brewery Restaurant

The participants of Session Bornholm ate dinner here

Read the "Scale" magazine's article on Session Bornholm 2019 here

The German angler magazine “Scale” was there when 70 anglers met for Session Bornholm 2019 back in March. The article is in English and German (switch between DE and EN on the right)

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