Sose beach

Sose beach is one of Bornholm's not so well-known beaches on the south coast of the island.

At Sose beach, you will find peace and quiet
The beach at Sose bay is one of the more unknown spots to bathe on Bornholm. Sose beach has fine sand and an interesting coastline. When the waves are coming in, you can hear the pebbles rolling.

Sense the history while sunbathing
During the war in 1678, no less than 18 Swedish battleships were wrecked near Sose bay. This is considered the biggest shipwreck in the history of Denmark and approx. 1.000 people died. Sometimes you can find wreckage from the ship at the water’s edge.


Parking at Sose beach
You can access the beach from the parking area at Møllerup, approx. One kilometre east of Sose Odde. This is where the nearest restroom is as well.

It is not possible to buy food and drinks near the beach.

Risebæk waterfall
Risebæk is a small stream that ends at Sose beach. If you follow the stream, you will shortly arrive at Risebæk waterfall. The waterfall is extraordinary because, unlike the other cliffy waterfalls on the island, slate rock surrounds this one.


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Sose Strand

Sosevejen 25

3720 Aakirkeby


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