Neighbourhood eateries on Bornholm

Bornholm is full of fantastic eateries. Here are ten examples of delicious neighbourhood eateries in Allinge, Gudhjem, Rønne and Svaneke. Enjoy your meal.

The Danish island of Bornholm is a food lover’s paradise - Evening Standard”


Restaurant Det Gamle Posthus

In Allinge you will find this charming old post office building from 1905. Among other things, they serve lamb meat from local Hammershus lamb and fresh plaices right from the sea. Available for lunch and dinner.


Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant

Located on the town square in Svaneke you will find Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant. Try their custom craft beers on tap and enjoy a well served lunch or dinner. Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant is open every day, all year round.



Enjoy a glass of wine or beer with the dish of the day, or visit the great wine shop at Provianten in Gudhjem, down by the harbour.



Right next to Skt. Nicolai church in Rønne you'll find Violas charming little café. Here you can get the danish delicacy smørrebrød (open sandwich on rye bread). You can also enjoy a coffee and a homemade cake. Open from wednesday to sunday.


Restaurant Pakhuset

Restaurant Pakhuset is located in Svaneke in the lovely street "Brænderigænget", where you will also find Pernille Bülow's shop. The restaurant serves original bornholmsk plankbeef, steak on wooden plank, baked in mashed potatos. Open every day from Easter to fall (week 43).


Café Munter

At Café Munter in Rønne you can get delicious smørrebrød (open sandwich on rye bread), burgers, salads and more. Enjoy with a cold beer from Svaneke or a war cup of coffee. The Café is located on the town square in Rønne, walking distance from the harbour. Open from monday to saturday.


Café Klint

Café Klint is a cosy and popular Café, situated right at the harbour of Gudhjem. Here you will get served lovely fish dishes, sandwiches and much more. Enjoy the view,



At Hammershus Visitor Center you'll find Café and restaurant with traditional Danish smørrebrød and fish filets and meat balls for the kids. Experience a beautiful panoramic view overlooking the old castle ruin.


Restaurant Brøddan

In Gudhjem you will find this delicious buffet restaurant. Here you can get everything from different kinds of herring to pizza and many different warm dishes and salads. The view from here is beautiful.


Restaurant Sommer

This restaurant in Allinge is open from the end of may to the end of august. Her you can get a tasteful lunch or dinner containing smørrebrød, caesar salad, burger etc. Right in the heart of Allinge.

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