Restaurant Det Gamle Posthus

Have dinner at restaurant Det Gamle Posthus in Allinge. Or do you have a large company for dinner at home? Or do you want a great night out? Or just want to find a place where you can have lunch? Enjoy all of it at restaurant Det Gamle Posthus in Allinge on Northern Bornholm.

Since 2006 we are serving great food, both within the old post office building from 1905, and to party guests, private homes and to the People’s Meeting and other big events. We are focussing on giving you the best experience in our restaurant.

We prepare the food from scratch and alway with fresh ingredients, using a lot of local Bornholm ingredients. We serve lamb meat from local Hammershus lamb and fresh plaices right from the sea. We do that, because it tastes good and because it’s good to support each other locally.

If you are going to have a bigger party, try to contact our restaurant – we can handle food situations for up to 600 people at a time. We are experienced in creating the perfect framework, regardless whether you want to use our beautiful restaurant or want to celebrate another place.

Handicap-friendly restaurant

Access for wheelchairs: Yes
Handicap parking: No
Handicap toilet: Yes

A la carte from 5.30 pm

Try our 2 course Postmenue, put together especially for the day – with a lot of local ingredients combined by our copmpetent cooks.

Only DKK 268,- per person



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. 56 48 10 42




Kirkegade 8

3770 Allinge

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