Café Klint

Café Klint is a cosy and popular Café, situated right at the harbour of Gudhjem.

We offer among other menues:

  • Herringplate with pickled curry and Hammershus herbs
  • Klint Burger
  • Fried Fish filet with tartar sauce and rye bread
  • Sun over Gudhjem
  • Warm fish cakes with home made tartar sauce
  • In Salt fried Herring with Bornholm Mustard
  • Ceasar’s Salad à la Klint with Chicken, Bread and Butter
  • Chickensandwich
  • Nachos with Chicken

Café Klint has not always been a café. In the late 19th century a Hotel owner named Glud transformed the building into a pub. He teared down part of the walls and built a horse stable for the travellers. The richer guests used the hall, while the fishermen with their wooden shoes were in the pub, which was situated to the left of the hall.

The half-timbered house is said to be built in the first half of the 18th century. Around 1869 the building was named “Gamla Karna” and was a magnificient house with a barn. Later the house was prolonged and was transferred into the “Sâlijn” (The Hall). In 1985 the building opened as a café – the way we know it today. Get an overview of life in and around Gudhjem from our summer deck. From June to September we offer live music every night from 9 pm to 1 am.

We offer free WiFi to our guests.


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