Hiking route: Almindingen Forest – Echo Valley to Hareløkkerne

A relatively short and easy trip for families with children: Hareløkkerne is home to a fantastic nature playground and the child-friendly Musestien (Mouse Trail).

Gitte Holtze

Hiker and outdoor freak as well as journalist, lecturer and author of "jeg lever" about Gitte's hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and "Gå langt", a guidebook to long hikes.


Max. 1 hour
Almost 2 km (each way)
Difficulty level:
Relatively easy. The terrain is mainly wide forest paths. The signposting is good most of the way
Suitable for prams and wheelchairs:
At Echo Valley House (Ekkodalshuset) and Hareløkkerne
In the car park by Ekkodalen and Hareløkkerne
Access to water:
The public toilets at the car parks
Mainly wide forest paths
Special remarks:
Don’t miss the Mouse Trail at Hareløkkerne, a short walk with built-in animal hunting for children.


Map of the route

Below you can download a pdf with an A4 map of the route.

Route description

From the car park at Echo Valley House walk down into the valley, but turn opposite the two aforementioned routes to the right along the wide gravel path. (It’s just a 20-metre walk on the left to the best place to test your echo, if you want to give this a try first.)

The path crosses the valley, and then you follow the green markings to the right just before the steps up and into the woods.

Enjoy the view of the extension to Ekkodalen, Grønnevad. There are no steep slopes like in the more popular part of the Ekkodalen, but the landscape is still pretty.

The route to Hareløkkerne is mainly along wide forest roads, which are also suitable for prams, and before you know it, you’ll be at the Hareløkkerne shelter site with two nice enclosed shelters.

Hareløkkerne shelter site


From here, it’s just a few steps to the large nature playground with all kinds of play opportunities for active children (and adults). There is also a fire hut, and for even more activity, follow the “mouse trail” behind the playground: This route is 350 metres long and involves finding the (imaginatively carved) dangerous animals that are looking for Musemark.


Places on the route:

On this hike, you get a chance to visit the following places:


The Echo Valley

Visit The Echo Valley (Ekkodalen) in the Almindingen forest on Bornholm. The Echo Valley is Bornholms longest rift valley.


Echo Valley House - Ekkodalshuset

The Cafe Genlyd of the Echo Valley House is a place where time does not either comes or goes, and where food is prepared from scratch. ”No fuss” as my grandmother used to say. And it did not mean gourmet – but ”gourmet”.

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