Eastside Trolling

Go chasing your dream fish in a throughbred trolling boat.

Go chasing your dream fish in a throughbred trolling boat.

We fish with the best equipment on the market.

Nothing is spared.

The only thing you bring is yourself and some food and drink, as well as your good mood.

In the fall and from the start of the year we will use Nexø as base, but when spring comes we will follow the wandering salmon against the clock around Bornholm.

How is it done?

The day starts with your arrival on board the boat ”Eastside” and you get a safety instruction.
A whole day on the Baltic Sea is something that has to be experienced. On a trolling trip you catch a salmon alone or together with the skipper. The salmon swims in deep waters and there are some very big ones ot there, far over 20 kg. And there is a lot of them. So when the gear is set by skipper or you and the coffee is ready a whole day with fresh sea air and pleasure awaits you.

It is always a good experience to head out from Nexø on Bornholm and to go with an experienced skipper. If you have never been on a trolling trip before the skipper will guide you. Everybody can learn to use the trolling equipment after a short introduction.

Owner and skipper Kim Finne has grown up on Bornholm in Nexø.
From childhood fishing has been part of his growing up, since his father is former salmon skipper on Bornholm. It goes so far back in the family that even his great-great-great-grandfather was a salmon skipper on Bornholm. So it makes Kim know the waters around Bornholm very well, since he has grown up here. Actually he rounds 3500 nautic miles in the Baltic Sea per year hunting for salmon and the good adventure at sea.



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