Put & Take Fishing on Bornholm

The Perfect Add-on Activity for the Family

Gordon Henriksen

Journalist, angler

You’ll find two different put & take lakes on Bornholm: SportDres’ Ørredsø (Sportdres’ Trout Lake) and Stenbrudssøen (The Gravel Pit Lake), and they are among the most beautiful in all of Denmark.

What’s common about Bornholm’s put & take lakes is that they’re set in beautiful and unspoilt surroundings – and that they each offer something unique. In Spotdres’ Ørredsø you catch rainbow trout on one cast and diamond sturgeon on the next, and in Stenbrudssøen, which is Bornholm’s largest commercial fishery, you can catch pike, perch, zander, carp, and eel in addition to well-fed rainbow trout.

Both lakes are regularly stocked with rainbow trout, which typically range in size from 1 to 5 kilos. Furthermore, a few brown trout and brook trout are stocked on occasion to add some flavour and variation. What’s common about the stocked trout is that they can be caught using the same gear: A 7 – 8’ spinning rod with a casting weight of 5 – 25 grams in combination with a small spinning reel pre-spooled with 0,20mm braided line and a range of different lures and bait: Small spinners, wobblers, spoons and Powerbait or earth worms. Especially Powerbait works well fished slowly behind a bombarda float, but generally it’s all about experimenting with the size, colour, and retrieve of whatever you end up fishing with. Very small variations can sometimes prove to make a big difference.

Put & take lakes also offer the perfect setting for practicing with a fly rod. A good all-round fly rod and reel, a floating line, and a few streamers and nymphs are all you need to have some fun, and if the conditions are right, you just might find that fly fishing is the key to succeeding in catching a feisty trout. Once the stocked trout have adapted a little to their new environment, they start feeding on small aquatic insects, and nobody is better equipped for imitating these food items than a fly fisherman.

The put & take lakes on Bornholm can be fished all year round but especially the period from the beginning of April till the end of October is good. During this period of the year, the fish are particularly active and even though they might not always be easy to catch, they’ll usually make them themselves visible patrolling along the shorelines in search for food or jumping acrobatically out of the water.

If you don’t have your own fishing equipment, you might be able to borrow or rent some. Either way, it’s a good idea to contact the lake owners in advance and make arrangements.


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