The exciting history and geology of Bornholm

Discover Bornholms exciting history and geology - in search of the past.

It's exciting to go in search of the past on Bornholm, whether you're interested in the genesis of the island or the traces left by our ancestors. A hundred and thirty million years ago a bird-lizard measuring 2-3 metres in length and weighing 80 kilos, a so-called dromaeosaur, flapped its way over Bornholm, and in the summer of 2000 a young girl attending a geology course on Bornholm found a tooth, 2 cm long, from the dromaeosaur. The find was sensational, and palaeontologists are still looking for other dinosaur remains on Bornholm.

Bornholm lies in the Fennoscandian Border Zone
Bornholm is interesting from a geological point of view because it lies in the Fennoscandian Border Zone. The fault line between the granite bedrock in the north of the island, which was formed around 1.7 billion years ago, and the sandstone layer in the south of Bornholm, which is only around 500 million years old, has been exposed in a small area south of the experience centre NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby, making it possible to straddle 1.2 billion years.

The experience centre NaturBornholm
At the experience centre NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby you can follow the island’s genesis and evolution up to the present day. Experience the era during which Bornholm had a tropical climate, see the sandy desert and feel the shiver of the Ice Age. A visit to the centre will provide you with excellent background knowledge for when you go out into the countryside, which you will experience in a completely different way if you know something about what you are looking at.

NaturBornholm Guide
The book “NaturBornholm Guide” is a good guide when it comes to understanding Bornholm’s landscape. You can buy the NaturBornholm Guide at both NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby and at the Bornholm Visitor Centre in Rønne.




NaturBornholm - the place where natural science meets entertainment and nature guide welcome.


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