Farmhouse holiday on Bornholm

A farmhouse holiday on Bornholm is the best way to find your inner farmer.

A relaxing holiday

If you are dreaming of a relaxing holiday in soothing surroundings where the atmosphere seems to reflect the good old days from before the world went out of joint; where the grass is green, the corn a healthy yellow and the cows always friendly – well then you should come to sunny Bornholm and try a farmhouse holiday.

With or without animals

On some of the Bornholm farms you can follow the daily work when the animals must be fed, the fields must be sown or harvested. Often, there is also animals for the children – other farms offers peace and idyll without animals.

Farmhouse holiday


Bondegårdsferie Slettegaard

Stay at Slettegaard and have a genuine farmhouse holiday.


Ørnereden (The eagle's nest)

The eagle's nest - an oasis with animals and nature


Ekkodalens Naturcamping

Here you can rent a room, a tent, a caravan or just a place for your tent. Close to both Ekkodalen and Højlyngsstien.


Møllevang Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast is located in the countryside, in a four-length farm in Bodilsker on Sydbornholm.

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