Møllevang Bed & Breakfast

Rediscovering the feeling of having a good time together.

Bed & Breakfast is located in the countryside, in a four-length farm in Bodilsker on Sydbornholm, with rolling cornfields on all sides and yet only a 5-minute drive to the towns of Snogebæk and Nexø. The 3 B&B rooms are on the 1st floor of the main building.

Enjoy the stay alone with each other or have fun with the other guests in a football match or a board game. Meet each other for breakfast or spend the evening around the fire.

We have various options for additional purchases in our Bed & Breakfast. First of all – of course – the delicious breakfast. However, there is also the option of packing a lunchpackage for today’s adventure tour and finally there is the option of dining together in the evening.

Møllevang Bed & Breakfast wants to be a relaxing setting for your stay on Bornholm. We hope that we can create good moments and wonderful experiences that will plant themselves in you and be something you will remember forever – or at least until you come again.


Opening hours this week:


Tlf. 42291263

E-mail kontakt@moellevang-bb.dk

Web www.moellevang-bb.dk


Stensebyvejen 33

3730 Nexø


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