Blykobbe Plantation in Ronne.

From the outskirts of Rønne to Sorthat-Muleby, Blykobbe Plantation spreads along the coast. Here you can enjoy a picnic with a sea view, go to a hotel in the middle of the forest or spend the night in a shelter

Blykobbe Plantation

Blykobbe Plantation (also called the Northern Forest (Nordskoven) or the Sand Drift Forest) was established in 1819, to protect nearby farms from sand drift. Today the forest serves as a recreation area where residents of Rønne and tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are possibilities for accommodation at both camping and hotel or in shelters.


On the coastline along the Blykobbe Plantation, and most of the way between Rønne and Hasle, some of the island’s beautiful white beaches stretch. There is the possibility to park several places, and from there go out to the coast


Sleep in the forest

In Blykobbe Plantation you are allowed to encamp for free, in the area north of Sandegårdsvej, but stick to the rules, which you can find at the Naturstyrelsen website.

Read more about wild camping on Bornholm.

Also check out the Danish Website where you find an interactive map of large, small and primitive campsites. (choose “Sov under stjernerne”, then “frit teltningsområde” and “primitiv overnatningsplads”).


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