Diving near Bornholm

Experience adventure under water! Try a dive near Bornholm - here you will find Denmark's best water to dive in.

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Bornholm offers varied possibilities

Diving is definitely gaining ground on Bornholm. The island offers varied possibilities and gives you some of the best diving surroundings in Denmark with cliffs, sand and shale. Bornholm is the place in Denmark, which bears comparison with more exotic places and the beautiful cliff formations and the change of colour of the algae makes a dive near Bornholm a special experience.

Diveline - Diving courses on Bornholm
Bornholms Outdoorcenter
Outdoor and active holidays on Bornholm
Hullehavn beach

Many wrecks

Bornholm also offers many shipwrecks around the coast of the island – including northern Europe’s biggest wreck, the Fu Shan Hai, which all skilled divers can visit.
More about Fu Shan Hai here.

Diving courses

Bornholm has several providers of diving tours and you can try a single trial dive from the beach, wreck diving, various courses etc.

Many possibilities for diving near Bornholm

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