Gallery Palivaren

See different Art Exhibitors in Denmark's Eastern most art gallery

Art Exhibitions on Ertholmene

During the summer months, Gallery Palivaren at Juuls Bastion on Christiansø is definitely worth a visit. Here you’ll find Denmark’s smallest gallery that is used primarily for exhibiting art inspired by Ertholmene.

The history of Palivaren as reception room

The shed was originally placed at the end of a bridge from Frederiksø into the water. Anyone wanting to go ashore had to stop first at Palivaren (from the French parloir or in English parlour – meaning a reception room), where the fortress doctor would check the ship’s crew and passengers for infectious diseases.

This summer's Art Exhibitions

See all our Art Exhibitions on this beautiful poster – designed by artist Dan R. Knudsen.



Opening season

Sommer 2020

Opening hours

daily 11.00 am - 4.00 pm

Special opening days

Special closing days







3760 Gudhjem

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