Oluf Høst Museet

Besuchen Sie das Oluf Høst Museum in Gudhjem auf Bornholm.

Das Oluf Høst Museum
Im Haus in Gudhjem lebte der berühmte Bornholmer Maler Oluf Høst ab 1929 bis zum seinem Tod im Jahre 1966. Im Haus sowie im märchenhaft anmutenden Felsengarten befinden sich noch heute die Ateliers des Künstlers.


The home of Oluf Høst

Oluf Høst Museum opened in 1998 and is decorated in Hedvig and Oluf Høst’s beautiful villa, Norresân, in Gudhjem. This is an artist’s home with a rich collection of Oluf Høst’s paintings hung right there where they were in their time. At the same time, the Oluf Høst Museum is an art museum with changing special exhibitions.

The museum’s beautifully beautiful rock garden slopes steeply towards Gudhjem’s „mountain“, the rock formation Bokul. Part of the garden is an old quarry, which in its time provided granite for the construction of the emergency harbor on the other side of Hedvig and Oluf Høst’s house. The garden grows among others fig and mulberry trees.

This year we have got 2 new exhibitions.

Oluf Høst Museum presents for the first time in the museum’s history an exhibition that examines the importance of the Swedish modernist Karl Isakson (1878-1922) for Oluf Høst’s (1884-1966) artistic development.

Jo Dam Kærgaard & Steffen Brandt: Logbook from Norresân – a lyrical story that follows the course of the year in words and pictures.




  • From: 1/5 -17/10 - All days from 11am – 5pm
  • From: 1/5 – 24/5 closed monday and tuesdays
  • From: 25/5 – 17/10 Open everyday


  • Løkkegade 35
  • 3760 Gudhjem


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