Windsurfing on Bornholm

Have you ever thought of using the wonderful sea around Bornholm for anything other than bathing? Does the idea of windsurfing or surfing appeal?

Bornholm is ideal for windsurfing

Bornholm’s coastline is perfect for windsurfing, and the beaches at Balka and Dueodde in particular are very popular with both experienced windsurfers and novices who test their skills with this fast-moving sport.

Windsurfing is for all

Age is not important if you want to learn to windsurf. On Bornholm, you can hire gear for children down to 7 years of age, and there is nothing to stop you from learning to windsurf when you are 70. Windsurfing is a sport for all ages!

Windsurfing is not difficult

Anyone can windsurf, and while many people think that it is difficult, with modern windsurfing equipment and good instruction, it is in fact surprisingly easy to learn.

How much wind?

Windsurfing is possible as long as the wind is blowing strongly enough, in other words anything between 4 and 20-25 m/s. It is not unusual for windsurfers to reach speeds of 20-30 knots (35-55 km/h) in strong winds.

Surf school on Bornholm

Balka beach is home to two surf schools: Eastwind surf school and Balka Beach Surf school.

Surfing on Bornholm

At Balka Beach you will find, Eastwind Surf School and Bornholm Surf Farm among others.


Eastwind Surf- and Kayakschool

Get fun water activities for the whole family with Eastwind Surf- and Kayakschool.


Bornholm Surf Farm

Bornholm Surf Farm is extreme surfing and Stand Up Padling combined with quietness and relaxation, when you're not on the water.

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