Sustainable Island – We’re Well Underway

Sustainable Bottom-Line

On Bornholm, we work to create sustainable businesses.

We want to take care of Bornholm’s nature and pass on a strong and sustainable island to future generations.

Sustainability is many things, and in order to succeed, we must all work together, and all professions, residents and guests can help make a difference.

For example, did you know that you act sustainably by buying local goods and produce? And that by supporting Bornholm’s companies, you are helping to ensure a thriving society – while at the same time reducing carbon emissions?

Many Bornholm companies, large and small, have worked hard in the last few years to take big steps towards their visions of becoming more sustainable.

They have participated in the Sustainable Bottom-Line project. We are proud of them and the great work they have put in.

This film is a tribute to them and their exciting journey to ensure a greener and more sustainable society on Bornholm.

The project was created in collaboration with Bornholms Affaldsbehandling (BOFA), Bornholms Energi og Forsyning (BEOF), Bornholm’s Regional Municipality, Business Center Bornholm (BCB), Destination Bornholm (DB), Energitjenesten Bornholm, Center for Regional- og Turismeforskning (CRT), Vækstforum Bornholm, and Maker’s Island Bornholm.

Bornholm is a Green Energy Island
Sustainable Holiday on Bornholm
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